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+64 3 479 7868
Research Fellow
Department of Biochemistry
Research summary
Cancer genetics


In September 2017 I joined the Cancer Genetics Laboratory, headed by Professor Parry Guilford. Here, I am on the team working towards new treatment strategies for hereditary and sporadic gastric cancers, specifically those cancers lacking E-cadherin expression. Our goal is to identify drugs which have a synthetic lethal relationship with E-cadherin mutations/silencing and specifically target cancer cells.

We use a variety of models to screen for new drugs, such as cells lines, organoids (mouse and human derived), and our own mouse models.? I am particularly interested in drug mediated modulation of AKT signalling E-cadherin negative cells.


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Redpath, K. J., Bougen-Zhukov, N., Black, M. A., & Guilford, P. J. (2022). Identification and development of novel drug combinations for diffuse gastric cancer. Proceedings of the Genetics Otago (GO) Annual Symposium. Retrieved from Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

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Brew, T., Bougen-Zhukov, N., Mitchell, W., Decourtye, L., Schulpen, E., Nouri, Y., Godwin, T., & Guilford, P. (2021). Loss of E-cadherin leads to druggable vulnerabilities in sphingolipid metabolism and vesicle trafficking. Cancers, 14(1), 102. doi: 10.3390/ cancers14010102 Journal - Research Article

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