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Careers with a degree in Biochemistry from Otago

Biochemists and molecular biologists study the chemicals that make up animals, plants and micro-organisms. They use this research to develop medical, industrial and agricultural products. The knowledge and skills learned during a biochemistry degree are valuable in many different career areas. This list covers many of them but is not comprehensive. Some of these jobs may require further study at postgraduate level.

Career opportunities for Biochemistry graduates

Career opportunities for biochemistry graduates are available in: medicine, agriculture, publishing, research science, patent law, education, food and cosmetic industries, pharmaceuticals, and forensic science.

Careers that involve carrying out or directing scientific research at a university, a government laboratory or a biotechnology company require at least a Master of Science (MSc) degree and preferably, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

What our graduates have done with their Biochemistry degrees

Dora Leahy (thumbnail photo)

Medical scientist - Dora Leahy

Matthew Prouse (thumbnail photo)

Cancer researcher - Matthew Prouse

Courtney McLauchlan (thumbnail photo)

Ventures Manager - Courtney McLauchlan

Dick Hitchings (thumbnail image)

Teacher - Dick Hitchings

Monica Singh thumb

Patent advisor and scientific sales specialist - Monica Singh

Further careers information

More about careers for Biochemistry graduates is available on the following sites: