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What is Botany?

Occasionally we get asked by students and teachers 'what is botany?' – so we've developed a range of helpful posters and presentations you are welcome to print and use in the classroom. If you're wondering what kind of skills you'll learn and jobs you might get with a degree in Botany, you'll find out here.

Science Fair Tips and Tricks

Plants are great to study for science fair projects for a variety of reasons – the main one being that they can't be hurt like animals. We've put together some advice for students thinking about their next science fair project – with suggestions for studies, experimental advice, and ideas for how to best present your findings. Good luck!

Visit the department's Science Fair page

Quinoa: “the Mother Grain of the Incas” – activities, recipes and history

Department of Botany Associate Professor Paul Guy has a keen interest in Quinoa, an 'ancient grain' consumed particularly in Peru. For the 2013 'International Year of Quinoa,' he put together a range of resources together with Enviroschools that will educate students about this important food source.

Visit the department's Quinoa page.


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