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Posters – What is Botany?

What is Botany? (general poster with information about papers
Botany is… Forest
Botany is… Field Work
Botany is… Photosynthesis
Botany is… Crops
Botany is… Ecosystems

Posters – Skills and Jobs

What skills will you gain with a Botany degree?
Where in the world will a degree in Botany take you?

Powerpoint Presentations

What is Botany? Presentation for Students
What is Botany? Presentation for Teachers

Ask a Scientist

Department of Botany Senior Lecturer Dr. Janice Lord has written several articles for the Otago Daily Times' 'Ask a Scientist' column – you can find them in small poster form – great for brightening up the classroom! Visit the Ask a Scientist page.

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