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Dr Linn Hoffmann, Senior Lecturer


Marine botany
Phone: +64 3 479 7583 

Research interests

My work focuses on the effect of different environmental stressors for marine phytoplankton physiology and ecology. I am thereby mainly interested in the effect of climate change related stressors such as ocean acidification and ocean warming and the effect of trace metals e.g. from volcanic eruptions on marine phytoplankton and the implications for higher trophic levels of the food chain. I also work on biomechanical properties of diatom frustules and how they are affected by environmental conditions.

Dr Hoffman is also director of the Ocean Acidification Research Theme

Current research

Some of the research projects that I am currently involved in include:

What is the effect of trace metal release from volcanic eruptions for marine phytoplankton species distribution and productivity?

NASA  satellite image of Puyehue eruption in 2011 in Chile.

How does ocean acidification affect trace metal bioavailability and what are the implications thereof for marine phytoplankton?


How is phytoplankton species distribution in the Southern Ocean affected by climate change?

SEHACK-secchi plankton study.

Does bioaccumulation of iron by seabirds enhance productivity around sub-Antarctic Islands?

Photo credit: O Shatova.

Potential masters' or PhD research projects

  • Effect of ocean acidification on energy transfer in the marine food chain
  • Is diatom frustule stability affected by ocean acidification?
  • How does ocean acidification affect natural phytoplankton communities in the Southern Ocean?
  • Comparison of Fjordland phytoplankton communities New Zealand versus Chile
  • Volcanic eruptions and their effect on phytoplankton community structures

The University of Otago offers PhD scholarships to candidates with excellent academic records (irrespective of nationality). Please feel free to contact me if you are interested my research and would like to do your PhD in New Zealand.More information can be found on the Scholarships page.

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Postgraduate students

  • Ro Allen (PhD): Effect of ocean acidification and warming on natural Southern Ocean phytoplankton communities
  • Nadjejda Espinel (PhD): Changes in larval settlement and metamorphosis in marine invertebrates in response to reduced seawater pH
  • Morgan Meyers (PhD): How does ocean acidification affect copepod grazing in subAntarctic waters?

Previous students

  • Kelsey Donahue
  • Chittipat Nitithamyong
  • Francie Rudminat (PhD): Dinitrogen fixation in the South Pacific – Effect of ocean acidification on marine diazotrophs
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Science Communication interview

Scott Bagley, one of Science Communication's students undertook an interview with Linn in 2015.
Science Communication student Scott Bagley interviews Dr Linn Hoffman

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Selected publications

Faucher, G., L. Hoffmann, L. T. Bach, C. Bottini, E. Erba, U. Riebesell. 2017. Impact of trace metal concentration on coccolithophore growth and morphology: laboratory simulations of Cretaceous stress. Biogeosciences 14(14): 3603-3613.

Conway, T. M., L. J. Hoffmann, E. Breitbarth, R. F. Strzepek, E. W. Wolff. 2016. The growth response of two diatom species to atmospheric dust from the Last Glacial Maximum. PLoS ONE 11(7): e0158553. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0158553

Shatova, O., S. R. Wing, M. Gault-Ringold, L. Wing and L. J. Hoffmann. 2016. Seabird guano enhances phytoplankton production in the Southern Ocean, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.483: 74-87.

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