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classic jags DunedinThe nature of the business can often make it difficult to make energy savings or lessen environmental impacts, but that is not the case with Steve McNulty at Classic Jaguar Limousines in Dunedin.

One of the top luxury cars in the world, Jaguars are not typically synonymous with being energy efficient, but Steve found making a few simple changes does improve efficiency.

Classic Jaguars Limited made immediate energy savings by fitting older cars with bigger sized wheels and tyres, and by replacing belt-driven fans with electric fans in the engines. Now he is reducing consumption and carbon emissions by introducing latest model Jaguars with newer aluminium-bodies and more advanced fuel saving and clean technologies.

Steve did not stop with fuel consumption, also examining daily processes and the environmental impacts they created. The company now recycles and re-uses as much as possible. It uses natural-based cleaning products, recycles its cleaning clothes, and uses vegetable-based disposable plates for entertaining – something overseas clients appreciate!

And the impacts do not stop there. The staff have taken on the recycle and reuse approach in their own homes. Suppliers too have become more environmentally aware and are passing that on to other customers.

Classic Jaguar Limousines' achievements have been recognised through several environmental awards including business excellence and sustainability awards, plus a qualmark enviro silver award. These just shows what a ripple effect can occur through bringing about some economically viable positive changes.

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