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Te Maea's goal is to advance collaborative and interdisciplinary research and teaching for, by and with Māori and Indigenous communities and enterprises.

We aim to undertake relevant research and to develop the next generation of Māori business leaders. We work with academics, practitioners and community members from across the University of Otago and beyond.

Our research

We undertake research in a number of areas, including:

  • Māori and Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • Māori small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Māori innovation and research and development
  • Māori and Indigenous tourism
  • Māori not-for-profit and social enterprises
  • Māori business and enterprise policy
  • Environment and Māori economy
  • Māori and Indigenous data sovereignty
  • Māori and Indigenous gaming
  • Corporate social responsibility and Indigenous people

Current and past funded Māori-focussed economy and business research projects:

  • Māori and the future of work
  • Māori and indigenous traditional and colonial economies
  • Māori language and economy
  • Māori economy and health

Network members

Other Māori Business Research Centres with which Te Maea researchers collaborate:

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