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Research Funding Opportunities

The University of Otago has many channels for researchers to explore with regards to applying for, and obtaining both internal and external research grants and scholarships.

External Funding in New Zealand - Core Information

National Science Challenges - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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Business School Research Advisor

Business Development Manager

External Funding in New Zealand - Core Information

Royal Society Te Apārangi - Marsden Fund

The Marsden Fund was established by the government in 1994 to fund excellent fundamental research. It is a contestable fund administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand on behalf of the Marsden Fund Council.
The Marsden Fund invests in excellent, investigator-led research aimed at generating new knowledge, with long-term benefit to New Zealand. It supports excellent research projects that advance and expand the knowledge base and contributes to the development of people with advanced skills in New Zealand. The research is not subject to government's socio-economic priorities.

Two categories of award are available:

  • Fast-Start awards are aimed at emerging researchers (up to seven years after the conferment of their PhD). Funding is set at NZ$100,000 (excluding GST) per year for three years.
  • Standard awards are larger grants open to established researchers as well as emerging researchers. Funding is for three years and the amount of funding is capped at between NZ$240,000 - NZ$320,000 (excluding GST) per year (cap varies by discipline).

Your Research Advisor will communicate information on the roadshow, Marsden seminars and the RfP as it becomes available.

Following the annual release of an updated Request for Proposals (RfP) in November, Marsden Fund representatives visit the University of Otago in the same month to deliver a roadshow on current funding.

Catalyst Fund

MBIE recently re-shaped the International Relationship Fund into the Catalyst Fund. The fund consists of four streams that target investment in leadership, influence, seeding and strategic cooperation.

The funding streams are:

  • Catalyst: Influence(administered by the RSNZ, MBIE, MFAT and HRC)
  • Catalyst: Leaders (administered by the RSNZ on MBIE's behalf)
  • Catalyst: Seeding (administered by the RSNZ on MBIE's behalf)
  • Catalyst: Strategic (administered by MBIE)

Funding can be accessed through MBIE, RSNZ and HRC contestable funding processes. The three organisations will publicise calls via their websites. Your Research Advisor will advertise Catalyst Fund opportunities as they are released.

Your Research Advisor will advertise Catalyst Fund opportunities as they are released. Please direct all questions regarding the Catalyst Fund to your Research Advisor.

Endeavour Fund

The Endeavour Fund is one of the government's main mission-led investments. The fund is administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) and encourages researchers to undertake higher risk research with potential for impact in areas of future value, growth or critical need for New Zealand.

The Endeavour Fund has two investment mechanisms:

  • Smart Ideas is designed to invest in promising, innovative research ideas with high potential for benefits to New Zealand, to enable refresh and diversity in the science portfolio. Contracts are awarded for two to three years.
  • Research Programme supports ambitious, excellent and well-defined research ideas, which, collectively, have credible and high potential to positively transform New Zealand's economy, environment, and society. Contracts are awarded for three to five years.

2020 Endeavour Fund & Roadshow

MBIE will visit the University of Otago on Thursday 17 October to deliver a presentation on the 2020 round of the Endeavour Fund (Smart Ideas and Research Programmes).

Register here to attend.

National Science Challenges - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

What are the National Science Challenges?

The National Science Challenges are designed to find solutions to some of the large, complex issues that matter most to us.

Each challenge draws researchers from different institutions and disciplines together, to work towards solutions which would make a real difference to the lives of New Zealanders.

This is a new, mission-led approach designed to focus the New Zealand government's investment in science – generating better science, faster to deliver results in areas of national significance.

There are 11 National Science Challenges, each targeting a bold goal in a different area of science. The National Science Challenges are overseen by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

If you would like to discuss involvement in a National Science Challenge, in the first instance please get in touch with Business Development Manager Dr Gabrielle Hine.

Useful Links

University of Otago Policy, Forms & Guidelines

Costing and Consents Worksheet (CCW)

University of Otago Policy for Research Consultation with Māori

University of Otago Research Grants (UORG)

MBIE Investment Statements and Policy

The National Statement of Science Investment (NSSI) (PDF)

MBIE Vision Mātauranga Policy (PDF)

Business School Research Advisor - Chelvica Ariyanayagam

As Research Advisor for the Otago Business School, Chelvica's role involves actively engaging with researchers across the entire project life-cycle of a research grant.

In the pre-award space, this involves helping researchers identify sources of contestable funding and supporting the development of quality proposals that align with funder themes and meet compliance requirements. Chelvica can assist with proposal writing, provide advice and assistance with budget development.

In the post-award space, Chelvica will support the contracting process and grant management, liaising with external stakeholders to develop subcontracts and with researchers to ensure that operational work and reports are undertaken in a timely fashion. She can also assist with contractual variations.

If you any questions about contestable research funding, feel free to send Chelvica an email or drop into her office on the second floor.

Office: 2.05, Commerce building
Tel +64 3 479 5934
Mobile +64 27 279 5934

Business Development Manager – Dr Gabrielle Hine - Culture, Society and Economy

Committed to encouraging and sustaining researchers to undertake high-quality research of value to New Zealand's society and economy, Gabrielle took up the role of Business Development Manager in June 2019. She is responsible for providing advice and assisting Division of Humanities and Otago Business School researchers in identifying new funding opportunities and developing relationships with companies, community groups, not-for-profits and government agencies.

Location: Centre for Innovation, Level 2 (East Wing), 87 St David St, Dunedin
Tel +64 3 479 8965
Mobile +64 21 029 0639

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