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What is Collaborative On-Demand Learning?

Collaborative On-Demand Learning (CODeL) is a collaboration between Otago Business School postgraduates and staff. The mission of CODeL is to offer workshops that support the positive development of Otago Business School postgraduates across a range of areas. CODeL is designed to complement, rather than replicate, courses conducted by other university channels (e.g., HEDC, ITS, Library, Career Development Centre).

What is the philosophy behind CODeL?

CODeL is designed to (1) be student-led and responsive to student needs as they arise, and (2) offer interactive sessions that offer practical applications for students. Therefore, the workshop topics are fluid and dynamic, and involve interaction, engagement, and application of concepts. To ensure CODeL is responsive to current student needs, it is run by student volunteers with the support of engaged faculty.

I'm a Commerce Postgraduate student, how can I suggest a CODeL workshop topic?

Any postgraduate student or faculty member can (1) identify a topic that will support the current needs of postgraduates and (2) suggest individuals who may be well-suited to facilitate a workshop.

Who conducts CODeL workshops?

Faculty, students, and external resources conduct CODeL workshops, depending on the specific topic area. Some workshops involve multiple facilitators to ensure maximum engagement.

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For enquiries, please email

CODeL Faculty Adviser:

Dr Masoud Karami (Department of Marketing)

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