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The University of Otago's Student Exchange Programme provides the opportunity to study for one semester, or two, at an internationally recognised partner university. Students pay their normal tuition fees to the University of Otago and study internationally.

Have you have ever thought of living and studying overseas but were unable to afford it because of the high cost of international student fees? This may be your answer! The Otago Business School has very generous travel scholarships to help you realise your dreams of going on an international student exchange.

Where can I study overseas?

There are over 55 different universities in 30 different countries that offer Otago Business School students the opportunity to live and study for either one or two semesters. You can even choose to go on exchange for two semesters – but  spend each semester at a different university in a different country.

View a full list of locations and institutions available to Otago Business School students

One of the great things about going on exchange to one of our partner business schools is that the majority of them teach their courses in English!


Featured Exchange Schools

Otaru University of Commerce
Otaru, Japan
Note: You don't have to speak Japanese, accommodation is NZ$80 per month! Plus you can also apply for a PMSA Scholarship, where if successful, the exchange is practically fully funded! Otaru suits International Business students and may also be an option for Economics or Marketing students (depending on what papers you need).

Yonsei University, School of Business
Seoul, South Korea

Aalto University School of Economics and Business Administration(formerly Helsinki School of Economics)
Helsinki, Finland

Warsaw School of Economics and Business Administration
Warsaw, Poland

Financial assistance for exchange students

There are a number of grants and scholarships available for students wishing to apply for the Student Exchange Programme.

Find out if you are eligible for financial assistance or a scholarship:

Further information on the Student Exchange Programme

For further information on the Student Exchange Programme, you can:

Want to study at Otago on the Student Exchange Programme?

The Otago Business School welcomes a number of exchange students to Dunedin every year, through student exchange agreements with universities around the world.

Read information for students wishing to attend the University of Otago on a student exchange programme.

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