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Take a look at the range of opportunities available to you, designed to help you make the most of your time at Otago.


Gain work experience and transferable skills – and possibly earn money and course credit. Completing an internship is a great way to show employers that, not only have you paid attention in class, but you are also capable of putting that learning into action! Internships give you valuable 'real-world' work experience.

Take a look at the various internship opportunities currently offered at Otago:

Visit the following websites to research internship opportunities in New Zealand, and Australia:

Attend our Make the most of your time at Otago workshop (Login required).

International opportunities

Visit the following websites to research international internship, volunteering or exchange opportunities overseas:

  • AIESEC New Zealand has internship opportunities in over 110 countries and territories and with over 60,000 members – AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organisation
  • TransitionsAbroad offers a wealth of information on interning, studying and volunteering abroad
  • GoAbroad provides over 20,000 internship listings spanning the globe
  • GoinGlobal allows you to search for jobs in more than 30 countries and over 50 USA metropolitan areas


Keen to study for a semester - or two - elsewhere in the world? The Otago Global Student Exchange programme has agreements with over 90 institutions worldwide. Placement is based on availability and meeting the requirements of the host institution. Some scholarships are available.

Otago students on student exchange:

  • Pay standard tuition fees to Otago
  • Continue to receive StudyLink loans and Allowances
  • Receive credits towards their Otago qualification

Visit the Otago Global Student Exchange website to find out more about exchanges.


Otago Extra LOGOGet ready for the next step in your career. OtagoExtra is a programme that will help you grow your professional skills to boost your employability.

Read more about the OtagoExtra programme.


Visit the following websites to research volunteering opportunities, both in New Zealand and overseas. Volunteering not only makes a difference to the lives of others, and to society – but it will give you key skills that will strengthen any job application.

University of Otago Student Leadership Award

The University of Otago Student Leadership Award (UOSLA) is is an extended leadership programme designed to enhance your leadership potential. The programme lasts for two years, with an intake in Semester 1 each year.

Find out more about UOSLA, and how to take part.

Please contact the UOSLA co-ordinator at for more information.

Career workshops

Visit OtagoCareerHub and take advantage of a wealth of workshops, seminars and events.

Student Job Search

Student Job Search matches students and graduates looking for work. Search for a part-time job, or summer work, and start building your work experience before you graduate.

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