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5 students studying outdoorsCarrington College provides a comprehensive in-house academic support programme to help you navigate the challenges of tertiary education. Get around it!

In-house tutorials

Our in-house tutorials are interactive sessions offered for a comprehensive range of 100-level (first-year) papers. These sessions aim to assist you in honing your academic skills whilst providing an opportunity to improve your understanding of course material through complementing and extending the formal classes held at the University.

Our tutorials are led by upper-year students who performed strongly in the paper they are tutoring. They are carefully selected and receive formal training to ensure they are delivering high-quality academic support.

Being a member of an academic community

Past residents have often reflected that the ability to study with their peers played an important role in their academic success while at Carrington. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to offer multiple spaces for collaborative study, which is a great way to meet new people and share knowledge. We are a living-learning community – you are not expected to have all the answers, or to go it alone. If you need advice or support with a particular subject, please don't be shy about asking for help – that's what we're here for!

Additional academic support initiatives

Some of the other ways we'll support your academic success include:

  • Study Facilities: We have a variety of well-maintained study areas at the College, including our dedicated Study Centre and Heriot 1 & 2 (located above the dining room).
  • Guest speakers: Over the year, we will organise guest speakers from various support services and academic programmes to speak to the College.
  • Tracking success: In order to provide personalised support, it is a condition of residence that all students authorise the release of their academic results to the College; this enables us to connect with those who might benefit from additional, tailored support.
  • Connecting with the University: The College has direct communication with academic and student support divisions at the University and can make referrals when necessary.

Find out more about in-house tutorials (formerly known as Learning Labs)

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