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The Centre offers leadership development programmes that are designed in consultation with the client group and their particular learning needs.

Development for all sectors of education

Development programmes cover the range of early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.

Custom-made development programmes

Each custom-made development programme will draw from 3 key learning dimensions that incorporate the major knowledge, skills and dispositions involved in meeting the complex demands of being an educational leader today:

  • Pedagogical learning that is student-oriented in approach and builds on evidence from the Best Evidence Synthesis (2009) that links school leadership and positive student learning outcomes
  • Professional learning that has an adult focus and attends to school and centre-wide leadership in areas such as culturally responsive leadership, organisational culture, vision building, distributed leadership, etc
  • Personal learning where the emphasis is on intrapersonal elements of self-knowledge, belief system and motivations of each leader

Speakers on leadership and management

In addition, the Centre will coordinate a planned programme of national and international speakers who will focus on current leadership and management issues.

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