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The Big Data and Better Ageing Research Group is actively researching InterRAI big data and ageing in a number of contexts.

Ageing in place with multiple sclerosis

Brain represented as circuit board_thumbnailInternational research has shown that on average individuals with multiple sclerosis are admitted to residential care at a younger age and when less cognitively impaired compared to the general population.

This research programme investigates some of the risk factors or early entry to residential care for people with MS.

Read about our Ageing in place with multiple sclerosis research

Drug burden index

Elderley hand holding a handful of pills_thumbnail This research programme focuses on the usefulness of the Drug Burden Index which is a tool for health professionals to help predict the impact of side effects of medications.

Read about our Drug burden index research

The impact of incontinence

Cartoon image of people desperate for the toilet_thumbnailThis research programme on incontinence which can have a significant impact on the physical function and quality of life of older men and women living in the community.

The impact of incontinence

Living with dementia

Elderly person represented as a jigsaw_thumbnailThis research programme focusses on identifying factors that lead to earlier entry to residential care in persons with dementia.

Identifying these factors help clinical interventions and services allow those people to stay in their homes as long as possible.

Read about our Living with dementia research

Risk factors in social engagement

Elderly ladies enjoying knitting together_thumbnail

This research programme investigates the various aspects of social engagement that are associated with better health and therefore the ability age in place.

Read about our Risk factors in social engagement research

Student projects

Student working at her laptop_thumbnailStudents have contributed to many of our projects through research based postgraduate study and summer student research projects.

Read about the research done by our students

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