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  • Cheryl Brunton
  • Robert Weir (NZHTA
  • Sue Bagshaw (198 YHC)
  • Daniel Williams (Crown Public Health)

Supported by Roche


This study, begun in late 1999, is monitoring the results of hepatitis C testing of new and existing clients of 198 Youth Health Centre. The Youth Health Centre provides services to clients aged 10-25 years. When clients are offered hepatitis C testing, with their consent, details of testing, results and demographic and risk factor information are forwarded to the study team. The project will continue to monitor the incidence of hepatitis C among the clinic's clients for up to three years, providing baseline data for evaluating the effect of intervention to reduce hepatitis C transmission.


Lim G, Brunton CR, Bagshaw SN. Hepatitis C in young injecting drug users attending a youth health centre. Proceedings of the Second Australasian Conference on Hepatitis C. Christchurch 17-19 August 1999.

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