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  • Cheryl Brunton
  • Robert Weir (NZHTA)
  • Tony Blakely (University of Otago, Wellington)


This study, using medical records data from people who have died from chronic liver disease, attempts to measure the prevalence and population attributable risk per cent (PAR%) of hepatitis B and C infection among those decedents. The data from the study will provide potentially useful baseline information for the evaluation of hepatitis B screening programmes and other prevention/treatment strategies for hepatitis C.


[Feb 2006] This study is being replicated using mortality data for the years 1998-2002. The new study will examine trends in overall CLD mortality and trends in the population attributable risk for hepatitis B and C. It is expected to be complete by late 2006. Dr Emma Davidson is carrying out this work as an MPH thesis, supervised by Dr Cheryl Brunton and Dr Rob Weir.


Weir R, Brunton CR, Blakely TA. Chronic liver disease mortality attributable to hepatitis B and C in New Zealand. J Gastroenterol Hepatol 17: 582-8, 2002.

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