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Modelling Disease and Cancer Outcomes in New Zealand (MoDCONZ)


Dr Patrick Graham, Dr Diana Sarfati, Mr Magnus McGee, Dr Ian Sheerin, Dr Gillian Abel, Ms Suzanne Pitama, Associate Professor Phil Hider, Dr Lee Thompson, Asst Prof Bridget Robinson, Asst Prof Brian Cox, Dr Tony Reeder, Dr Terri Green, Dr Susan Parry, Mr Ian Bissett. (see contact details below)


Colorectal cancer is one of the major causes of illness and death in New Zealand. Maori have poorer survival from CRC than non-Maori. Mortality from colorectal cancer (CRC) is higher in NZ than in Australia and most other countries. This is partly due to the high incidence of CRC in NZ but may also be related to the availability of appropriate services and access to these services. NZ health services cannot meet the demand for timely investigation and treatment of people with CRC, nor can they provide surveillance for individuals at increased risk of CRC according to the published guidelines for New Zealand. The Ministry of Health is considering screening for CRC. Screening would place further pressure on existing services.


To develop a microsimulation model of CRC in NZ, apply epidemiological, clinical, economic and qualitative data to this model, and provide essential information for the control of CRC in NZ.


Dr Patrick Graham
Dr Diana Sarfati
Mr Magnus McGee
Dr Ian Sheerin
Dr Gillian Abel
Ms Suzanne Pitama
Associate Professor Phil Hider
Associate Professor Bridget Robinson
Associate Professor Brian Cox
Dr Tony Reeder
Dr Terri Green
Dr Susan Parry
Mr Ian Bissett

Past Investigators

Professor Ann Richardson [original principal investigator]
Dr Lisa Fitzgerald

Technical Advisors

Professor Tony Blakely
Professor Patricia Priest

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