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  • Aree Prohmmo, Post-doctoral Fellow

Supported by the Wellcome Trust


The proposed study focuses on two major maternal and child health issues - child diarrhoea and contraceptive use. It is aimed at measuring the availability of contraceptives and antidiarrhoeals supplied by public and private health care providers in three communities in northeast Thailand. The study has three specific objectives: construct a typology of public and private drug providers in the three communities; identify types and prices of contraceptives and antidiarrhoeals available from the providers; and draw up a list of the ten most popular antidiarrhoeals and contraceptives. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches will be used for data collection. Interviews will be conducted with community leaders and selected informants about source of providers. A typology and map of providers serving the communities will be constructed. Data on types of contraceptives and antidiarrhoeals will be collected from private drug providers using interview guidelines. Similar data from public health facilities will be obtained from treatment records. Surveys of contraceptive and antidiarrhoeal use will be carried out in the three communities.

The information gathered would be used to design a further research project on reasons why people make use of contraceptives and antidiarrhoeals sold by private providers.

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