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Research Team

  • Pauline Barnett
  • Professor Michael Powell [Auckland Business School]
  • Rod Perkins [Department of Community Health, University of Auckland]


There is considerable international interest in alternative forms of governance arrangements in health. New Zealand has experienced considerable change in both sector and provider level governance over the last two decades.

This research examines the radical changes of the early 1990s, specifically in relation to the change to corporate governance of public hospitals. The research has involved a mail survey of appointed directors and in-depth interviews with chairs of boards. A more comprehensive stakeholder perspective was obtained by interviews with representatives of government, community interests, including Maori, and clinicians.

The project was funded partially by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.


  • Barnett P, Perkins R and Powell M. On a hiding to nothing? Assessing the corporate governance of hospital and health services in New Zealand 1993-1998. International Journal of Health Planning and Management 16:139-54, 2001.
  • Barnett P, Perkins R and Powell M. Stakeholder perspectives on corporate governance of health services in New Zealand. Health Manager 7(2) 10-13, 2000.
  • Perkins R, Barnett P and Powell M. Corporate governance of public health services: lessons for the public sector. Australian Health Review 23(1) 9-21, 2000.
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