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  • Prof Jane Chetwynd
  • Dr Libby Plumridge


This study explored the feasibility of study among patrons of sex workers through a survey of 30 male clients of female sex workers. The questionnaire focussed on:

  • Knowledge about HIV and its prevention
  • History, frequency and location of contacts with sex workers
  • Sexual practices and condom use with sex workers and other partners.
  • Attitudes to safer sex practices.

Methodological questions addressed included:

  • Possibilities of accessing this population
  • Adequacy of sampling through one type of venue
  • Use of same questionnaire for clients of heterosexual and transsexual workers
  • Possibility of using the same interviewer for both populations


  • Chetwynd SJ and Plumridge,EW. Knowledge, attitudes and activities of male clients of female sex workers: risk factors for HIV. New Zealand Medical Journal 107: 351-3, 1994.
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