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  • Cheryl Brunton
  • Robert Weir (NZHTA)
  • Lance Jennings (Canterbury Health Laboratories)
  • Andrew Manning (Pegasus Health)
  • Graeme McGeogh (Pegasus Health)
  • Lyn Smith (Influenza Immunisation Coordinator)

Supported by the Ministry of Health


This study aims to assess knowledge of and attitudes towards influenza and pneumococcal immunisation among three groups: GPs, practice nurses and people aged 65 and older. Each of these groups will be surveyed in four regions of New Zealand. The study regions represent areas with low and high current influenza vaccination rates. The surveys will be carried out in spring 2001. The results of the study will provide information from which to develop policies to promote adult immunisation.


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  • Weir R, Brunton C, Jennings L, Smith L, Litt J. Knowledge and attitudes about influenza vaccination: a New Zealand study of primary care practitioners and elderly people. Elsevier International Congress Series 1263: 276-80, 2004.
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