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  • Simon Bowen
  • Dr Libby Plumridge
  • Prof Jane Chetwynd

Summer studentship 1995/1996

A pilot study was conducted to explore the feasibility of interviewing very young injecting drug users [IDUs]. The focus of the 20 interviews was on reasons for uptake of injecting drug use and sense of control of IDU.


  • Plumridge EW and Chetwynd SJ. Identity and the Social Construction of Risk: Injecting Drug Use. Sociology of Health and Illness 21(3): 329-43, 1999.
  • Plumridge EW and Chetwynd SJ. The Moral Universe of Injecting Drug Users in the Era of AIDS: Sharing injecting equipment and the protection of moral status. AIDS Care 10(6): 723-33, 1998
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