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Research Team

  • Pauline Barnett
  • Associate Professor Ross Barnett [Department of Geography, University of Canterbury].


The threat of rural hospital closure and the opportunities of the health reforms for organisational innovation have led to the formation of primary care trusts in a number of places in New Zealand. This study focused on Otago-Southland where community health trusts had emerged as significant forces for change and development in primary care. The process of trust formation and development and the role of trusts in resisting the withdrawal or services has been examined through analysis of documents and interviews with Chairs of trusts.


  • Barnett JR and Barnett PS. 'If you want to sit on your butts you'll get nothing!' Community activism in response to threats of hospital closure in southern New Zealand. Health and Place 9(2) 59-71, 2003.
  • Barnett P and Barnett J R. Community ventures in rural health: the establishment of community trusts in Southern New Zealand. Australian Journal of Rural Health, 9: 229-234, 2001.
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