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  • Tor Wainwright, Foxley Fellow

Supported by the Health Research Council


This is a literature review on:

  • The effectiveness of home-based services as an alternative to acute hospital care and to long-term residential care, and
  • Ways of funding and organising home-based services to achieve better co-ordination and best use of resources (with a focus on services for older people),

together with:

  • A description of the development of home care services in New Zealand, in the context of services for older people, and
  • Some proposals for how New Zealand could use overseas experience to better plan home care relative to acute hospital care and longterm residential care.

The report aims to be a useful resource document for health planners, focussing on:

  • The practical resource allocation issues facing District Health Boards (eg is hospital-at-home worth doing? should long-term home-support be increased? etc)
  • Summarising the key work being done elsewhere, with hyperlinks to enable the reader to go straight to the referenced activity.
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