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Policy analysts develop and implement public health policy, programmes and regulation.

A policy analyst may work on a specific public health issue or across the wider public health field. Most policy analysts plan, research, write, and discuss and assess papers and reports.

Providing evaluation and informed commentary and feedback to others on a range of public health policy (such as proposed strategies or legislation), is often part of this role.


  • Gathering, analysing and presenting information
  • Managing projects, information and contracts
  • Media liaison
  • Preparing policy and making recommendations

Each role will have its particular emphasis, depending on the priorities of the organisation.


  • Analyse the literature on suicide prevention and
  • Help develop a wellbeing strategy in a territorial local authority
  • Help produce a government strategy paper on the future of public health
  • Prepare a submission on problem gambling for a government select committee
  • Propose specific strategies for developing future programmes

Who employs public health policy analysts?

Non-governmental organisations – such as the New Zealand Aids Foundation, Mental Health Foundation and National Heart Foundation – often employ policy analysts, as do some local authorities and district health boards.

Policy analysts also work in many government departments including the Accident Compensation Corporation, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development.

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