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Programme coordinators work on a wide range of public health issues and are based in many different settings.

While much of the detail of their work is different, most programme coordinators will be involved in researching, planning, implementing and evaluating programmes and in community networking. Many will work in a specific issues-based programme.

A travel planner is just one example of a programme coordinator role in public health. Travel planners work with schools and workplaces to develop sustainable travel plans. Public health concerns being addressed here are cleaner air, injury prevention and improved physical activity for children and adults.

A key objective for travel planning is to get people to use active and sustainable transport options and use cars less frequently.


  • Help to establish a walking school bus
  • Help young people set up a cycle club
  • Survey current travel patterns for a school
  • Take action to reduce chaos at the school gate

Who employs programme coordinators?

Programme coordinators are employed in nearly all agencies undertaking public health work.

This includes:

  • Iwi providers
  • Local and regional government
  • Non-government organisations
  • Primary healthcare organisations
  • Public health units
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