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Stable primary care depression: maintenance vs gradual withdrawal of fluoxetine


  • Assoc Prof D Mangin [Public Health & General Practice, SMHS, UOC]
  • Dr C Dowson [Public Health & General Practice, SMHS, UOC]
  • Prof Les Toop [Public Health & General Practice, SMHS, UOC]
  • Prof R Mulder [Dept Psychological Medicine, SMHS, UOC]
  • Prof E Begg [Dept of Medicine, SMHS, UOC]
  • Prof A Dowell [Dept General Practice, Wellington School of Medical & Health Sciences]
  • Prof B Arroll [Dept General Practice & Primary Health Care, University of Auckland]

Most (85-90%) depression is treated in primary care. Many patients in primary care are now receiving long term maintenance therapy with antidepressants to prevent recurrence.

Whilst research indicates long term maintenance treatment benefits some patients referred to and treated in secondary care, there is no similar evidence for patients with milder symptoms treated exclusively in primary care.

This study is a triple-blinded randomised controlled trial of continued treatment vs tapered withdrawal of fluoxetine in patients who have been treated in primary care for at least twelve months and who are not currently experiencing depression. Patients will be followed for 18 months to monitor recurrence of depression.

Publication pending.

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