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Previous research seminars - 2013

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Date Title Speakers
Wednesday 16 January Media Skills Workshop for Summer Students Carole Acheson
Friday 25 January 2012/2013 Summer Studentship Final Presentations Summer Students
Thursday 7 February New Zealand Consumer Health Information Needs Michelle Honey
Monday 11 February Genetic determinants of susceptibility to ambient and engineered nanoparticle induced lung inflammation in mice: The role of gluthathione Professor Terrance Kavanagh
Monday 18 February How to be rejected Professor Edwin Gale
Monday 18 February Antisense RNA for the modulation of splicing: A correctional gene therapy approach for neurodegenerative diseases Michela A Denti
Monday 25 February The role of vitamin C in regulating HIF-1 in cancer cells Caroline Kuiper
Tuesday 26 February The Experience of Practice Nurses who had obtained a Postgraduate Nursing Qualification and how the knowledge was utilised in the General Practice Sally O'Connor
Wednesday 27 February       DNA and disease - Following a common thread Professor Martin Kennedy
Monday 4 March Exploring telomere length as a potential biomarker Sarah Jodczyk
Monday 4 March Exploring the anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties of novel isothiocyanates Emma Spencer
Monday 4 March Venous thromboembolism and cancer patients Tony Rahman
Wednesday 6 March Stress and its effect on the brain, including the effect of the Canterbury earthquakes Professor Richard Porter
Wednesday 13 March Free radicals spark the fires of inflammation Professor Tony Kettle
Monday 18 March Genetic association studies GWASes Dr John Pearson
Wednesday 20 March Tales of genes, gender and genealogy Professor Vicky Cameron
Wednesday 20 March Rutherford Discovery Fellowship Seminar Dr Mark Stagg
Monday 25 March Natural nanotechnology by liver sinusoidal cells Professor Robin Fraser
Tuesday 26 March The Experiences and Monitoring of People wth Chronic Obstructve Pulmonary Disease (COPD) whilst utilising Long-term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) Shirley Harris
Wednesday 27 March The battle in the gut Professor Andrew Day
Wednesday 3 April Advances in cancer medicine: pathways Professor Bridget Robinson
Thursday 4 April Preventing Vitamin B12 deficiency in South Asian women of childbearing age Gael Mearns
Wednesday 10 April Gout - A disease of New Zealand Professor Lisa Stamp
Thursday 11 April Alan Clarke Memorial Lecture Professor Gary Hooper, Professor Richard Siegert and Professor Gerben DeJong
Monday 15 April Cell death, survival and caspases Professor Guy Salvesen
Monday 22 April Oxidised calprotectin as a biomarker for inflammation Nick Magon
Tuesday 23 April Realisation of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Technology Dr Yang Liu
Monday 29 April The Biggest Global Killer of Young Children - Investigating the Causes of Childhood Pneumonia in Developing Countries Professor David Murdoch
Monday 6 May Including people with disabiliy in physical activity: The New Zealand context Dr Hilda Muligan
Monday 13 May Hydrogen peroxide oxidation promotoes an interaction between the anitoxidant protein peroxiredoxin 2 and ERp46 Dr Paul Pace
Monday 20 May Three short talks from the MARS-CT Collaboration between Canterbuy, Otago and CERN - Using the MARS Spectral CT for Biomedical Research and Development/Imaging of Advanced Atherosclerotic Plaque by High Resolution and Multi-Energy X-Tay Computer Tomography/Where is Multispectral CT Imaging: Summary of 2013 Spectral-X-ray Conference in CERN, Geneva Professor Phil Buttler/Associate Professor Steven Gieseg and Dr Anthony Buttler
Tuesday 21 May Using overseas serum banks to test hypotheses about viruses (DMV and EBV) and breast cancer Professor Ann Richardson
Tuesday 21 May Why are huge collections of data needed when studying genes and breast cancer? Dr Logan Walker
Tuesday 21 May The cannabis consortium - three longitudinal studies with various measures investigating effects of cannabis Associate Professor John Horwood
Tuesday 21 May The World Mental Health Survery Initiative - a consortium involving over 25 countires with a cross-sectional survey in each Research Professor Elizabeth Wells
Wednesday 22 May Centre for Bioengineering Mini-Conference Staff and students of the Centre for Bioengineering and Nanomedicine
Wednesday 29 May C4 Cancer Research Workshop Professor Bridget Robinson
Friday 31 May 2013 Harkness Report-Back Seminar Dr Sarah Derrett
Tuesday 4 June Bioinformatic Peptide Discovery and the Identification of an Endogenous Inhibitor of Angiotensin II Signalling Professor Rick Samson
Monday 17 June Evaluating BRCA1 and BRCA2 sequence variants that modulate isoform expression Vanessa Lattimore
Monday 17 June The role of hydrogen sulfide in inflammation Abel Ang
Monday 17 June Renal function equations for predicting gentamicin clearance Paul Chin
Monday 17 June Hydrogen Sulfide: A Novel Mediator of Inflammation Professor Madhav Bhatia
Tuesday 18 June Mindsight: Providing hope and demystifying the Borderline Personality Disorder Rob Green
Monday 24 June HRC Roadshow HRC Staff
Tuesday 25 June Earthquake related PTSD - not everyone has moved on CDHB Adult Earthquake Treatment Team
Tuesday 2 July Addiction under the DSM5.  Progress and pitfalls. Associate Professor Simon Adamson
Monday 8 July The effect of dietary ascorbate levels on tumour growth and HIF-1 activation in the Gulo-/- mouse Lizze Campbell
Monday 8 July Understanding Adverse Drug Reactions or Responses Using Genomic Sequencing (UDRUGS) Eng Wee Chua 
Monday 8 July The effect of hypoxia on neutrophil lifespan and function Usha Pujary
Tuesday 9 July Society and behaviour: Cultural aspects of personality disorder Professor Roger Mulder
Wednesday 10 July A new model for the regulation of intestinal iron absorption Dr Paul Sharp
Monday 15 July History never repeats: Or does it? The reasons why we need to cumulate existing data to make clinical decisions and plan our research Dr Suetonia Palmer
Thursday 18 July Frontiers in Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering: 3D Printing and translational models in bone repair and convergence in cancer research Professor Dietmar Hutmacher
Monday 22 July Live and let die (and other Bond themes) Dr Grahame Tosh
Monday 22 July The key to Pre-eclampsia Professor Philip N Baker
Monday 29 July Three dimensional (3D) cell cultures and gynaecological cancers: Exploring targeting pathways in 3D cell models Dr Kenny Chitcholtan
Monday 5 August Investigating therapy resistance and obesity in breast cancer Dr Elisabeth Phillips
Tuesday 6 August Alcohol misuse and outcomes inteh Chrsitchurch Health and Development Study Cohort Associate Professor Joe Boden
Monday 12 August The forces of Biology: Mechanotransduction as the Cure for Cancer Profesor John Evans
Tuesday 13 August Canterbury's Dementia Care Pathway.  What is it and how can it be of help to people in CDHB services who may have worsening cognitive impairment? Dr Matthew Croucher
Tuesday 13 August Quantitative Methods Group Symposium on Mixed Models - History, Standard Models and Recent Extensions Professor Elisabeth Wells, Dr Jonathan Williman, Dr Jim young and Dr Danial Myall
Friday 16 August George Abbott Symposium - What will we be doing in 2020? Professor Melissa Wake
Monday 19 August Tapu and the invention of the "Death Taboo": A cross-cultural understanding of a Polynesian cultural concept Helen Gilmore
Tuesday  20 August 2013 Outcomes from the Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder Study for young people Dr Maree Inder
Monday 26 August Obesity and Cancer Dr Margaret Currie
Tuesday 27 August An update on psychiatric genetics Dr Alexa kidd
Monday 2 September Agreeing to disagree: The double-dichotomisation of debate about eh cross-cultural valididty of ADHD Neil Pickering and Jing-Bao Nie
Monday 2 September Nano and Microsystems for Cell Culturing and Dopamine Sensing Dr Luigi Sasso
Tuesday 3 September Somatoform disorders and the DSM-5 Dr Collin Peebles
Tuesday 3 September Phenotype MicroArrays: An overview of the techonology and applications Dr Barry R Bochner
Wednesday 4 September Mastering molecular chess to mine natures medicine chest Professor Margaret Brimble
Friday 6 September New Zealand Food Addiction Symposium - Exploring the relationship between compulsive overeating and obesity: Causes, treatment, prevention and recovery Professor Doug Sellman
Monday 9 September How come translation initiation is different in bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes and what might that tell us about the evoluation of the three domains of life? Dr Anthony Poole
Monday 9 September Human Participant Research Ethics: Principles and Practicalities Gary Witte
Tuesday 10 September The Post-Concussion Syndrome: How far have we come since Lishman published his seminal paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 1988 (Physiogenesis and Psychogenesis in the Post Concussional Syndrome) Dr Debbie Snell
Monday 16 September Jekyll or Hyde?  Immune responses and anti-oestrogen therapy in breast cancer Dr Anita Dunbier
Tuesday 17 September Childhood sexual and physical abuse: A research update from the Christchurch Health and Development Study Associate Professor John Horwood
Tuesday 17 September Foundations for Health: Otago Health Research Professor Grant Montgomery
Wednesday 18 September Professionalism Matters Professor Tim Wilkinson, Dr Maggie Meeks and Anthony Ali
Friday 20 September The place of literature in medicine Emeritus Professor Richard Sainsbury
Monday 23 September Functional consequences of lowering Peroxiredoxin 3 expression Kate Vick
Monday 23 September Gene transfer to restore vitamin C synthesis in a human cell line Teresa Flett
Monday 23 September Predicting with cutaneous squamous call carcinomas will kill.  Evaluationg myeloid cells Annika Seddon
Monday 23 September Evaluating molecular markers of breast tumour progression Zac Gerring
Tuesday 24 September Transdiagnostic vs disorder-specific treatment for anxiety disorders: A step forward? Anxiety Disorders Team - Jenny Jordan, Alison Alexander and Ron Chambers
Monday 30 September Quantifying the phenotypic significance of genetic variation Dr Paul Gardner
Thursday 3 October Health Research Society of Canterbury's Annual Scientific Meeting Dr Erick Monasterio and Professor Richard Porter
Tuesday 15 October Out of the Bang Emerges a Global Human World on Planet Earth: Is this relevant to psychiatry and mental health? Professor Doug Sellman
Friday 1 November Iwi Hauora Arihia Bennett, CEO - Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu
Monday 4 November Old proteins, new tricks: proteins as building blocks for nanotechnology Professor Juliet Gerrard
Tuesday 5 November Metacognitive therapy for eartquake-related post-traumatic stress disorder Dr Jenny Jordan
Tuesday 12 November Do Maori receive different care in psychiatric inpatients units?  Review of local and national findings Dr Cameron Lacey and Ms Karen Keelan
Wednesday 13 November Learning Matters: From teaching to learning Professor Tim Wilkinson and Anthony Ali
Tuesday 19 November Fetal alcohol syndrome - diagnostic considerations Dr Carin Conaghan
Tuesday 19 November C4 Cancer Research Workshop Various speakers
Friday 22 November Researching the Health Implications of Seismic Events - Symposium on the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 Various speakers
Monday 25 November Whole genome sequencing of cancer reveals mutational signatures and suggests new therapeutic options Dr Nic Waddell
Tuesday 26 November Athletic or eating disorderd?  A team approach to compulsive exercise Amanda Brennan
Tuesday 3 December Time to resurrect a role for psychedelics in the treatment of brain disorders? Professor David Nutt
Tuesday 10 December MBIE 2014 Science Investment Round Road Show MBIE Staff
Thursday 12 December 2014 Marsden Fund Presentation Peter Gillberd and Martin Kennedy