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Friday 30 January2014/2015 Summer Studentship Programme Final PresentationsSummer Students
Monday 16 FebruaryNecroptosis - A newly discoverd cell death pathwayProfessor Mark Hampton
Wednesday 18 FebruaryHealth and Safety and HASNO ReformRobert Mclaren
Wednesday 25 FebruaryGut instincts - The gastrointestinal tract in health and diseaseProfessor Richard Gearry
Monday 2 MarchCan the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? A lesson from the trophoblastProfessor Ilana Ariel
Monday 9 MarchUsing 'omics' to define Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm as a distinct clinical entitiyAssociate Professor Greg Jones
Tuesday 10 MarchFasting but not Ageing Dramatically Alters the Redox Status of Cysteine Residues on Proteins in Drosophila melanogasterProfessor Mike Murphy
Wednesday 11 MarchEbola - 12 months on, what have we learned?Professor Steve Chambers
Thursday 12 March2018 Performance Based Research Fund WorkshopProfessor Jeff Smith and Dr Michele Coleman
Monday 16 MarchMicronutrients as a treatment for psychiatric disorders: Rethinking the scientific paradigmProfessor Julia Rucklidge
Wednesday 18 MarchThe Meihana model - Utilising a Maori health framework within your clinical practiseAssociate Professor Suzanne Pitama
Monday 23 MarchHydrogen sulfide in atherosclerosis: friend or foe?Madh Izani Othman
Monday 23 MarchWhat's toxic about LDLShane Revees
Monday 23 MarchsFLT-1, a robust biomarker for prognosis in heart diseaseEdward Mark
Wednesday 25 MarchHow do we know wether medicines work and are safe?Associate Professor Suetonia Palmer
Monday 30 MarchRegulation of the 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases and implications for health and diseaseProfessor Margreet Vissers
Wednesday 1 AprilShakey times - The psychological effects of the Canterbury earthquakes and all that has followedAssociate Professor Caroline Bell
Monday 20 AprilChallenges of Reconstructive SurgeryMr Jeremy Simcock
Monday 11 MayNeutrophil death pathways and their impact on tumour biologyAnnika Seddon
Monday 11 MayRole of peroxiredoxins in protecting cancer cells from oxidative stressKate Vick
Monday 11 MayScoping RNA biomarkers for colorectal cancerArthur Morley-Bunker
Thursday 14 MayAthol Mann Lecture - Neural plasticity and recovery following strokeProfessor Jeffrey Kleim
Monday 18 MayMARS Spectral CT - How might it influence future medial care?Associate Professor Nigel Anderson
Monday 25 MayUnderstanding the course of multiple sclerosis through imagingProfessor David Miller
Monday 8 JuneAntibiotic Resistance by Stealth: Is a general creep in biocides behind the creep in MIC?Professor Jack Heinemann (University of Canterbury)
Monday 15 JuneThe role of hydrogen sulfide in acute pancreatitisAlireza Badiei
Monday 22 JuneUnderstanding the bowel microbiomeProfessor Gerald Tannock
Monday 29 JuneWhat can a transgenic sheep teach us about Huntington's DiseaseSuzanne Reid (University of Auckland)
Monday 6 JulyRedox state of erythrocyte peroxiredoxin 2 during oxidative stress and its effect on membrance bindingSimone Bayer
Monday 20 JulyFussy females and sneaky males - Female sperm selection and male sperm competition in animalsDr Patrice Rosengrave
Monday 27 JulyG-quadruplex structures in DNAAaron Stevens, PhD Student
Monday 3 AugustAcoustic Emission Monitoring and Design Optimisation of Orthopaedic ImplantsDr Geoff Rodgers
Monday 17 AugustAscorbate mediated regulation of HIF-1Lizzie Campbell, PhD Student
Monday 17 AugustAntibodies as tools to investigate protein structure and function: lessons from corticosteroid-binding globulin (SERPINA6)Dr John Lewis
Monday 24 AugustHydrogen sulphide and the inflammatory responseAbel Ang
Monday 31 AugustPost traumatic stress symptoms at school entry of children affected by earthquakes during their preschool years - A longitudinal studyAssociate Professor Kathleen Liberty
Monday 14 SeptemberMeasurement of mitochondrial dysfunction in humansMark Brinsden
Monday 14 SeptemberDoes fat provide energy for breast tumour cell invasion and metastasis?Morgan Jones
Monday 14 SeptemberImpact for G-quadruplex structures and DNA methylation on allelic drop-out imprinted regionsMillie Taylor
Monday 14 SeptemberDevelopment of a metabolic syndrome mouse model of breast cancerAnishah Mandani
Monday 21 SeptemberInactivation of Thiol-dependent enzymes by Urate HydroperoxideMelanie Hamzah
Monday 21 SeptemberExploring molecular links between obesity and breast cancerRebekah Crake
Monday 21 SeptemberInvestigating the pro- apoptotic properties of portimineSarah Drake
Monday 28 SeptemberComparative genomics of bacterial pathogens in New ZealandDr Patrick Biggs
Monday 12 OctoberMulti-scale modelling of complex physiologyProfessor Tim David
Monday 19 OctoberResearch 'in the wild' - Using mobile phones to assess and improved well-being in young adultsDr Tamlin Connor
Tuesday 27 October Christina Ernst and Ravinder Reddy Gaddam
Monday 14 DecemberEffect of UV exposure of mitochondrial function in the skinProfessor Mark Birch-Machin
Monday 18 JulyLeprosy in the Pacific: Some public health and speculationProfessor Steve Chambers
Monday 1 AugustHydrogen sulphide protects the heart from injury after heart attackProfessor Vicky Cameron
Monday 15 AugustIsothiocyanate bioavailability and biological effectsMasuma Zawari
Monday 15 AugustGenomic analysis of mood stabiliser drugsPriyanka Sinha
Monday 15 AugustGene expression variability in breast tumoursGeorge Wiggins
Monday 22 AugustGenetic variation and mRNA splicing in familial breast cancer genesVanessa Lattimore
Monday 5 SeptemberNeuropharmacology of the human brainProfessor Mike Dragunow
Monday 12 SeptemberGenetics of adverse drug reactionsDr Simran Maggo
Monday 10 OctoberModification of the breast tumour microenvironment using exerciseLinda Buss, Mackenzie Cancer Research Group
Monday 10 OctoberNew BRCA1 mRNA isoforms detected by Nanopore sequencingLucy de Jong, Gene Structure and Function Laboratory
Monday 10 OctoberHas my bed been made? A validation study to detect markers of proliferation adequacy in the endometriumRosie Burn, Laboratory for Cell and Protein Regulation
Monday 10 OctoberNovel inhibitors of bacterial biofilm formationTara Swadi, The Infection Group
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