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Friday 26 January2017/2018 UOC Summer Students Final PresentationsSummer Students
Monday 12 FebruaryDesign of cell-instructive photo-polymerisable hydrogels towards functional tissue engineered cartilageDr Gabriella Brown
Monday 26 FebruaryUncovering DNA methylome and epigenetic drivers of cancer metastasisDr Aniruddha Chatterjee
Monday 5 MarchCancer Pharmacogenomics - an update on ongoing studies in AucklandAssociate Professor Nuala Helsby
Monday 30 AprilAntioxidant enzyme systems of intracellular pathogens - Role in infectivity and virulenceProfessor Rafael Radi
Monday 7 MayPeroxiredoxin expression and redox state in human cancersKate Vick
Monday 14 MayUOC Dragon's Den - A new forum for grant writing supportVarious
Monday 21 MayOvarian and breast cancer - challenges of studying rare and common cancer in New ZealandProfessor Andrew Shelling
Monday 28 MayWhat's happening in Emergency Medicine?Professor Mike Ardagh
Thursday 7 JuneWhere do Parkinson's and Alzheimer's start and how do they spread in the brain?Associate Professor Maurice Curtis
Monday 11 JuneWhy is sleep apnoea bad for your brain? And why do we need sleep?Professor Richard Jones
Tuesday 19 JunePreclinical activity of the novel anticancer drugs SN32976 and evofosfamideDr Stephen Jamieson
Monday 25 JuneUnravelling the interactions between lipids and membrane proteinsDr Timothy Allison
Monday 3 SeptemberNew cancer therapies - many advances, more challengesDr Chris Jackson
Monday 10 SeptemberDanger in the dark - when bacteria outsmart the neutrophilDr Louisa Ashby
Monday 10 SeptemberAssessment of erythroferrone in acute heart failure patientsDr Sarah Appleby
Monday 17 SeptemberChemical biology approaches to wound healing and tissue regenerationProfessor Rudi Marquez
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