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Previous research seminars - 2016

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Date Title Speaker
Friday 29 January Final Summer Studentship Oral Presentations Summer Students
Thursday 25 February Mum's the word: Revealing how maternal obesity and inflammation during pregnancy elevate the risk of offspring neurodevelopmental disorders Associate Professor Christine Jasoni
Wednesday 9 March New Diagnosis Tools in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Professor Markus Melloh
Wednesday 9 March The Art and Science of Breathing - Research Vignettes Professor Lutz Beckert
Monday 14 March DNA demethylation and naïve pluripotency Dr Tim Hore, University of Otago (Dunedin)
Monday 21 March Sheep in Space - Bone Fracture Healing in Microgravity Professor Christian Puttlitz, Colorado State University, USA
Monday 4 April Computer-based post-stroke rehabilitation of prospective memory Professor Tanja Mitrovic, University of Canterbury
Monday 11 April Cancerous genes can be modulated by physical forces Professor John Evans
Monday 18 April ROS in metabolism Dr Troy Merry, University of Auckland
Thursday 21 April Epidemiology and prognostic factors of myeloproliferative neoplasms - implications for treatment Dr Andrew Duncombe, University of Southampton Medical School, UK
Monday 2 May Two tales of DNA hypomethylation - in the placenta and following oxidative stress Professor Ian Morison
Monday 9 May Sulfilimine crosslink in collagen IV Bee Bathish
Monday 9 May Post-translational modifications of calprotectin during inflammation Teagan Hoskin
Monday 9 May HLA-B typing by MinION Nanopore Sequencing Kim Ton
Monday 16 May Improving detection of paediatric infections Dr Tony Walls
Monday 30 May Questions and tribulations: mechanisms of kinase-based signalling in stress and development Dr Peter Mace
Monday 13 June Heterogeneity amongst brain tumours and the impact on patient survival Dr Tania Slatter
Tuesday 21 June The dynamics of mitochondria and their bioenergetics in cancer and in the brain Professor Mike Berridge
Tuesday 21 June Simultaneous measurements of mitochondrial respiration, ROS, membrane potential, pH, ATP, Ca2+ and redox state Associate Professor Tony Hickey
Monday 4 July Genome structure: Capturing the link between phenotype and genotype Dr Justin O'Sullivan, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland
Monday 11 July There and back again - a tale of three genomes Dr Amy Osborne, Gene Structure and Function Laboratory, UOC
Monday 26 September The next pandemic threat - Influenza or what? Professor Robert Webster, St Jude Children's Hospital, USA
Thursday 29 September Beta-cell expressed antimicrobial peptides cathelicidins positively modulate beta-cell function and limit autoimmune diabetes Professor Jia Sun, Jiangnan University, China
Monday 3 October Measuring signal peptides in blood - Lessons learned
Monday 17 October Neutrophils in early clearance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Dr Ayesha Verrall
Monday 7 November A new way to kill the malaria parasite Dr Bruce Russell
Monday 21 November Understanding the evolution of spherical cell shape in bacteria: An experimental evolution approach Dr Heather Hendrickson
Friday 25 November A structural biologist's view of cell signalling Associate Professor Kunchithapadam Swaminathan
Monday 28 November 3D fabrication cell-based implants for joint regeneration Associate Professor Jos Malda
Monday 5 December The local and systemic affects of inflammatory adipokines on chemotherapy response in obese breast cancer patients Rebekah Crake
Monday 5 December Fabrication of gelatin-heparin hydrogels for enhanced chondrogenic differentiation Gabriella Brown
Monday 12 December Gene therapy in sheep models of Batten disease Dr Nadia Mitchell
Thursday 15 December Extracellular vesicles at the cross-line between basic and translational science Professor Constanza Emanueli