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SimMan 3G PLUS Patient Simulator

  • SimMan3G PLUS ("Kahu") is a wireless human simulator which, among other things:
    • simulates a wide variety of normal and abnormal breathing patterns, normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms and other physiological variables
    • detects and responds to many interventions including airway manoeuvres, CPR and administration of intravenous fluids and drugs
    • provides feedback on performance of CPR
  • Controlled by wireless link from an instructor laptop which can run either pre-programmed scenarios or 'on the fly'
  • Physiological parameters displayed on a separate laptop which simulates a patient monitor
  • ECGs, X-rays or other media also displayed on the monitor laptop for the participants to view


  • SimBaby (Kiki) is a wireless pediatric simulator representing a 9-month-old baby


  • SimJunior ("Charlie") is an interactive paediatric simulator
  • Portable, touch screen SimPad system

Audio Visual and Sound System

  • B-Line Medical web-based recording and debriefing system that allows capture of simulation video, audio, data logs and patient monitoring which can be viewed real-time or at a later date.
  • B-Line SimCapture portable unit
  • Sony PTZ Cameras (6) in most rooms
  • Wireless microphone headsets for communication during simulations

Manikins and Skills Trainers

  • Resusci Anne QCPR with full body manikin and Airway Head - adult CPR training manikin with multiple feedback options
  • Resusci Junior QCPR with full body manikin and Airway Head - paediatric CPR training manikin with multiple feedback options
  • 'Little Family Pack' (2) – Adult, child (5 year old) and infant (3 months) manikins for CPR training
  • Resusci Baby for First Aid - offers optimal realism to infant First Aid Training with realistic full-body anatomy and landmarks including carotid pulse simulation to realistically check for pulse
  • Resusci Baby QCPR with airway head - resuscitation manikin designed for high performance CPR skills with correct chest anatomy, realistic airway handling and feedback sensors to help provide accurate feedback on compressions and ventilations
  • Little Family QCPR - age-specific CPR training manikins
  • Advanced Adult Airway Trainers (3) - adult upper torso and head for practising intubation, ventilation and suction techniques
  • Infant Airway Management Trainer (1) – anatomy of a three-month-old infant for basic and advanced airway management skills
  • Neonatal Intubation Trainer (1) -allows teaching of intubation skills on the newborn baby
  • Advanced catheterisation trainers (5 male, 3 female) – for urethral and supra-pubic catheterisation plus for teaching self-catheterisation skills
  • Catheterisation trainer male and female (1 of each) – for urethral catheterisation (no self-catheterisation stand or suprapubic capacity)
  • Male pelvic trainer (1) – to teach testicular exam and rectal examination of the prostate
  • Rectal Examination trainers (4) – to practise rectal and prostate examination with five interchangeable prostates of differing pathology
  • Abdominal Examination Trainer - to teach and practise examination of the abdomen with interchangeable organs
  • Lumbar puncture and epidural simulator (2) - to teach lumbar puncture and epidural procedures
  • Shoulder for joint injection – shoulder model with normal anatomy for palpation and used for soft tissue joint injection on 5 specific sites (has a feedback console)
  • Knee for aspiration (2) – knee model (palpable anatomy with bony landmarks) for synovial fluid aspiration
  • Arterial arms (6) – for arterial puncture with palpable pulse and realistic backflow of blood into syringe
  • Advanced injection arms (10) – to teach venepuncture and intravenous cannulation, intradermal and intramuscular injections
  • Paediatric iv hand simulators (2) - to teach venepuncture and intravenous cannulation procedures on infants (a one-year-old and a three-year-old)
  • Gynae trainers (4) with 8 uteri of differing pathologies (shared between models) for examination of the female reproductive system - allows use of a speculum allowing procedures such as cervical smears to be practised
  • Hungry manikin (1) – to demonstrate nasogastric tube insertion
  • Advanced breast examination trainer (1)
  • Strap on breasts – for examining breasts axillae and clavicular regions, and for the communication skills involved
  • Breast self-examination model – a breast made from synthetic tissue embedded with five simulated 'lumps'
  • Eye exam simulator – a trainer for practising use of ophthalmoscope, examining the ocular fundus and identifying various eye conditions
  • Ear simulator - for examination of the ear including external acoustic meatus, tympanic membrane and foreign body removal
  • Suture Practise Arm - arm is made with a soft vinyl skin cover over a core of foam which can be sutured

Resources and additional information

For more information on SimMan 3G PLUS, SimJunior, Audio Visual and Sound Systems, and Manikins/Skills Trainers, please visit Laerdal's website.


  • 'Stifneck' Neck Extrication Collars (1 Set) – Adult sizes (tall, regular, short, no-neck) and Paediatric and Baby No-Neck Collar
  • Spineboard (1)
  • 'Speedblock' Head Immobiliser
  • 'Pedi-Pad' - paediatric spine board pad
  • Sagar bilateral traction splint
  • 'Combi Carrier II' with head immobliser patient transfer board

General Equipment

  • Injection trainers (10) (multi-layered soft tissue pads for practising intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular tissue injection techniques)
  • Skin Pad and Jigs (devices which hold the skin pads securely in place) (6)
  • ECG machines (2)
  • Suture equipment (20 each of Scissors 14cm)
  • Crilewood needle holder 15cm
  • Scalpel handles
  • Alaris GH Syringe Pumps (2)
  • Alaris GP Volumetric Pumps (2)
  • LifePak 20e Defibrillator and Crashcart
  • Ventriloscope (see for more information)
  • Dressing forceps 13cm; Gillies forceps 15cm; Adson toothed forceps 12cm; Magill forceps (adult)
  • Laryngoscope Handle (medium) and Laryngoscope blade size 3 and 4
  • Peak flow meters (2 mini-wright)
  • Bag Valve Masks (BVMs) - Adult (4) Paediatric (4)
  • Paediatric LSR (BMV resuscitator with masks)
  • Caresens Blood Glucose Meters (2)
  • Trolleys: Dressing Trolleys (9), IV Trolleys (2), Catheterisation Trolley and Medicine Trolley.
  • Tympanic Thermometers (2)
  • Walking sticks, adjustable (2)
  • Folding walking frame with front wheels (2)
  • Slide transfer sheets (4)
  • Lift-back portable massage tables (8)
  • Vaginal speculum (medium and small)
  • WelchAllyn Spot Vital Signs (4) mobile stands with blood pressure cuff, thermometer and SpO2
  • Heine Gamma sphygmomanometers (2)
  • Otoscopes
  • Stethoscopes: Adult (8) and Paediatric (1)
  • Range of oxygen delivery devices
  • Portable 3-panel folding privacy partitions (3)
  • Examination lamps (4)
  • Scales: digital (1) and manual (1)
  • Armchairs with high, adjustable backs (2)
  • Self-propelling wheelchairs (2)
  • Commodes (2)
  • Hospital beds - electric (2) and manual (1)
  • Contour electric patient trolley

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