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SimMan 3G PLUS

2 March 2022

Simulation Centre new SimMan 3G Plus simulator imageThe Simulation Centre has recently purchased a SimMan 3G PLUS (whom we have named Kahu). It is a realistic interactive training simulator for simulating a wide range of advanced clinical skills allowing our medical and nursing students to practise critical skills such as teamwork, communication and patient care.

Our previous simulator is over 10 years old and beginning to show his age. The new simulator has all the benefits of a new battery, undamaged skin and no broken limbs! In addition the new simulator has a number of new functions including:

  1. Standard clinical monitors can be used for accurate blood pressure measurement;
  2. Real diagnostic equipment can be used, e.g. pulse oximeter for measuring oxygen saturation;
  3. Skin texture is more realistic and the skin tone now allows us to more accurately reflect our New Zealand demographic;
  4. Improved and realistic patient handling with features such as fully articulating limbs and the ability to sit unassisted.

There are also numerous other technical advances with this new SimMan 3G PLUS. Our first simulator “Alex” was a patient for over 1,000 medical and nursing students and we anticipate that the new simulator will exceed that number and contribute to high quality safe care for our patients in hospital and in the community.

Kahu is the first SimMan 3G PLUS in New Zealand and the name is short for Kahurangi. Depending on the dialect, the translation can be “rainbow” or “blue” (colour) but also “precious”, “prized”, “jewel” or “importance”. It is also used to highlight a distinguished person.

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