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S-Teare-tnSheldon Teare

Aspects of what I learnt studying Classics, such as ancient manufacturing methods and materials, are useful to my work as a Conservator as we have to understand how an object was made and from what before we can treat it.

Will Harvey thumbnailWill Harvey

Beyond the written and verbal skills a Classics degree endows you with,  it makes you open-minded and able to interact freely, courteously and  civilly with all types of different people.

Joel Gordon thumbnailJoel Gordon

Joel began university by studying Music performance with an eye on training as a high school music teacher but, having added a BA to complement this study, quickly realised his passion for studying Classics and the ancient world.

Paul Roche thumbnailDr Paul Roche

Undertaking a PhD in an area with few job prospects was both a help and a hindrance for Paul Roche.

Shalini Kennedy thumbnailShalini Kennedy

“Studying classics allowed me to think outside the box and gave me the confidence to do anything.”

Lauren Chambers thumbnailLauren Chambers

"I decided to make Classics my major at Otago because it combines everything I am interested in: literature, history, languages, art, and mythology as well as architecture and archaeology."

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