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Centre for Organisational Performance Measurement and Management

Multiple business perspectives on performance

The COPMM recognises that given the growing number of public and private sector organisations, there is a growing need to link the multiple perspectives of:

  • Strategic management
  • Operational management
  • Human resources management
  • Information systems
  • Risk management
  • Leadership
  • Accounting perspectives

The research carried out within the COPMM informs the value chain and value added perspectives of organisational transformation, renewal and success.

Interdisciplinary perspectives on performance: Health, science and business links

Research from a multi-disciplinary perspective is a particular strength. A discussion on process centric approaches as well as outcome and output measures is encouraged.

Research on individual behaviour, community responses, policy and structural responses, health, social processes and economic forces is supported.

The COPMM encourages collaboration across science and social science disciplines so as to achieve more integrated research findings.

Building relationships within the community

Performance measurement and management research needs to be well grounded in real-world situations. The COPMM is committed to developing strong research relationships with communities, local government, industry, business and government.

Fostering interactions enhances the quality and relevance of research, and may lead to unexpected synergies. The COPMM creates situations for researchers to discuss their research and interact with practitioners.

Forthcoming research

Organisational performance also requires the development of new researchers in business and related fields.

Postgraduate research at COPMM

The COPMM is committed to supporting postgraduate activities that advance knowledge, enhance research skills and encourage cross-disciplinary links.

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