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Past COPMM Symposia

The Centre for Organisational Performance Measurement & Management (COPMM) holds conferences and symposia at its University of Otago campus and throughout New Zealand focused on a range of themes. Many of the presentations given at these symposia have been recorded and are displayed below. Alternatively they are available on the Otago Business School's Youtube channel.

Performance Measurement Association Australasia (PMAA) Symposium 2019 – Managing in times of extreme interest rates, 3 December 2019, Dunedin

Extremely low interest rates have become the global norm and are expected to remain low. New Zealand's official cash rate of 1% is plumbing historic lows, while some central banks in Europe are operating with negative interest rates.

This symposium addressed the factors precipitating these unusual events and examine what strategies New Zealand firms and New Zealanders more generally should be employing.

Guest Speakers:

  • Chris McDonald — Manager Forecasting Team, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • Paul Cable — Head of Interest Rate Trading, ANZ New Zealand
  • Craig Alexander — Co-Head of Funds Management, Forsyth Barr Investment Management
  • Dr Murat Üngör — Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Otago

Performance Measurement Association Australasia (PMAA) Conference 2019 – Revolutionary Thought, Evolved Practices, 24-26 April 2019, Queenstown

Exploring current issues in performance measurement and management thought and practice, PMAA 2019 promoted, questioned, challenged and critically examined theories and applications of performance measurement and management across for-profit, not-for-profit and public service enterprises.

Symposium: Creating Value through Integrated Thinking – 30 August 2018

The relevance of integrated reporting and thinking to business practice was explored. Speakers included Warren Allen, Chief Executive Officer, External Reporting Board, NZ; Charl de Villiers, Professor of Accounting, University of Auckland; John Gamba, Group Internal Auditor, Ravensdown, NZ; and Calum Revfem, Executive Director, Proxima, NZ.

Symposium: Technological change and Workplace Performance – 4 May 2018

Rapid technological change is sweeping the workplace. The impacts on and implications for workers on these changes was explored from a variety of perspectives. Speakers included, The Hon Clare Curran, Minister for Government Digital Services; Lara Ariell, CFO IRD; Callum McKirdy, Director; Stephen Cranefield, Professor of Information Science, University of Otago.

Symposium: Integrated reporting: The future of organisational reporting – July 2017

Conventional organisational reporting has been criticised for its 'backward looking' orientation. Integrated reporting is a holistic approach that addresses significant information gaps in conventional organisational reports and provides stakeholders forward-looking information. This symposium addressed key questions such as how integrated reporting is different from conventional corporate reporting, what preparations organisations' need to adopt integrated reporting, what value integrated reporting provides to the board/top management and how integrated reporting will impact the accounting profession.

Speakers included:

  • Warren Allen, Chief Executive Office, External Reporting Board, New Zealand
  • Mark Yeoman, Chief Financial Officer, The Warehouse Group Limited, New Zealand
  • Mark Hucklesby, Partner and National Technical Director, Grant Thornton, New Zealand
  • Craig Deegan, Professor of Accounting, RMIT University Melbourne, Australia

Performance Measurement Association Australasia (PMAA) Conference 2017 – New Approaches, Changed Understanding - March 2017

Focusing on innovation in performance measurement and management thought and practice, PMAA 2017 promoted, questioned, challenged and criticised theories and applications of performance measurement and management in all spheres of industry, commerce, government and society.

Symposium: Were Directors Asleep at the Wheel and Are They Awake Now? – October, 2016

It has been more than a decade since widespread corporate collapses such as Enron led to substantial, often regulatory-instituted, governance reforms. These reforms placed particular emphasis on board structure issues such as independence, expertise, and the formation of committees. This symposium explored whether today's organizations must move beyond these good-governance, largely box-checking exercises and begin understanding the importance of board culture and the actual processes directors engage in to protect and promote the interests of stakeholders.

Symposium: Big Data and Organisational Performance – November, 2015
Big Data is causing a disruption to the way people do business and how businesses are looking at themselves and others around them. This symposium examined some of the opportunities as well as the challenges that Big Data is providing as it changes the landscape for organisations across all industries.

Symposium: Executive & Employee Salary Differentials – April 2015
Significant attention is being focused on senior manager pay. The pay-for-performance schemes that became ubiquitous in the 1980s are now being increasingly questioned. This symposium examined whether pay-for-performance is achieving its intended aims and the implications for its future practice.

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