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There is an extensive network of Kaiāwhina Māori – support staff – working in many of the Departments across the University. Kaiāwhina are integral to providing assistance to students within a department – they are the 'guides' for students in negotiating their course of study, as well as helping to answer their general questions.

You can read about some of our Kaiāwhina Sciences here, and Kaiāwhina Humanities here.

The Māori Health Workforce Development Unit has a number of people and programmes to support students preparing for and entering the health sciences fields, and also committed ongoing support during their studies. Information can be found here.

As well as the Kaiāwhina -who work in a voluntary capacity - there are also appointed positions in Divisions for Academic Deans Māori or senior Kaiāwhina whose job it is to lead and initiate developments relevant to Māori aspirations within the University. ADMs will have a close working relationship with Kaiāwhina.

Kaiāwhina may provide information about departmental policies, procedures and practices to students who approach them. Kaiāwhina may also, from time to time, assist other staff with their general queries or support the Department in its implementation of the Māori Strategic Framework. Depending on individuals' experience or expertise, some queries may be simple to answer, but most others will be referred to the ADMs or staff in other parts of the University (Māori Centre, Office of Māori Development, Postgraduate Māori Adviser, and so on).

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