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General Practice at Otago

Who can study with us?

We can admit general practitioners who are registered for practice with either the New Zealand Medical Council or the Australian Medical Council. If this does not apply to you, you may still be eligible to study with us.

Contact the postgraduate administrator to find out if you are eligible to enrol for postgraduate study in the department.

The following programmes are offered


See the full list of General Practice (GENA) papers.


GENA papers

Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
GENA702 2024 Sexual and Reproductive Health 30 Semester 1
GENA704 2024 Te Tūhauora: Māori Health 30 Not offered in 2024
GENA708 2024 Supervised Research Project 30 Semester 1, Semester 2, Full Year
GENA710 2024 Mental Health and Illness in Primary Care 30 Semester 1
GENA713 2024 Travel Medicine 1: Introductory Concepts 30 Semester 1
GENA714 2024 Travel Medicine 2: Applied Concepts 30 Semester 2
GENA717 2024 Generalist Medical Echocardiography 30 Full Year
GENA718 2024 Generalist Medical Ultrasound 30 Full Year
GENA719 2024 Tropical Infectious Disease 30 Not offered in 2024
GENA720 2024 Refugee and Migrant Health 30 Semester 2
GENA723 2024 Trauma and Emergencies in Rural Settings 30 Semester 2
GENA724 2024 The Context of Rural Healthcare 15 1st Non standard period
GENA725 2024 Reflections in Rural Clinical Practice 15 1st Non standard period
GENA726 2024 Obstetrics and Paediatrics in Rural Settings 15 1st Non standard period
GENA727 2024 Surgical Specialties in Rural Settings 15 Semester 2
GENA728 2024 Cardiorespiratory Medicine in Rural Settings 30 1st Non standard period
GENA729 2024 Medical Specialties in Rural Settings 15 1st Non standard period
GENA737 2024 Obesity Prevention and Management 30 Not offered in 2024
GENA820 2024 Nature of Medical Practice 30 Not offered in 2024
GENA821 2024 Research Methods in Primary Health Care 30 Semester 2
GENA822 2024 Advanced Nature of General Practice 15 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2025
GENA823 2024 Teaching and Learning in Medical Practice 30 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2025
GENA824 2024 Ethics in General Practice 15 Not offered in 2024
GENA826 2024 Special Topic 15 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2025

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Otago Medical School
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Studying at Otago

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