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Postgraduate research supervision

Our team are happy to supervise graduate student research projects on topics related to evolution, belief and behaviour.

We offer a multidisciplinary environment for students to gain expertise from different areas of the social sciences. Students will need to be based within an existing department and programme of study, but can be affiliated to the Centre and co-supervised by members of different departments.

Information about university-wide scholarships

Research projects

To find out more about our research projects, and the potential of supervision, please get in touch with our team members directly.

Our research projects

Programmes and papers with a focus on evolution, belief and behaviour

Biological Anthropology (Department of Anatomy)

BIOA101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Peace and Conflict Studies

PEAC508 Psychology of Peace and Conflict


PSYC212 Social and Applied Psychology

PSYC426 Social Cognition

Religion Programme

RELS501 The Evolution of Religion

RELS238 Religion and Human Behaviour

RELS338 Religion and Human Behaviour (Advanced)

RELS240 The Cultural Evolution of Religious Systems

RELS340 The Cultural Evolution of Religious Systems (Advanced)

Science Communication

SCOM404 Science Communication Internship

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