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We've brought together featured articles and recorded presentations about our researchers achievements in translating research into healthcare.

He Kitenga research highlights

He Kitenga is a prestigious University of Otago publication featuring research excellence.

Parry Guilford thumbnailLife saver 2017 Distinguished Research Medal winner Professor Parry Guildford can count among his many achievements the discovery of the first-known gene for inherited gastric cancer and the development of a simple-to-use non-invasive test for bladder cancer.

Parry Guildford and Karen Paringatai thumbnailGenetic Jeopardy Knowledge of her whakapapa saved Dr Karyn Paringatai's life. Now this experience is inspiring her research.

Anita Dunbier thumbnailGenetic Clues Could the humble aspirin be effective in the fight against breast cancer?

Bladder cancer diagnostic kit thumbnailTaking on the big C Pacific Edge is a biotechnology success story in a clinical field where there is high demand around the world: the early detection and management of cancer.

Recorded presentations

Distinguished Research Medal lecture

Parry Guilford with medal thumbnailProfessor Parry Guilford presented his Distinguished Research Medal Lecture:
Evolution, families and cancer (YouTube,1 Hour and 10 mins) at the College of Education Auditorium on Wednesday 22 November 2017.

The Cause of Cancer

The Cause of Cancer visit Healthier Lives website to view two lectures, recorded in November 2017:

Parry Guilford thumbnailProfessor Parry Guilford: Genetics and how drugs can target those genes.

Dr Chris Jackson thumbnailDr Chris Jackson: Keytruda from bench to bedside - The challenge of getting a breakthrough.

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