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Professor Parry Guilford

Improving survival and quality of life

Our Centre was established in 2007 with the goal is to improve the survival and quality of life of cancer patients. By responding to needs and weaknesses in cancer care, as identified by clinicians and patients, we're bringing new and more effective options for diagnosing and treating cancer.

Breaking down barriers to better care

As our Centre has developed we have strengthened our resolve to address patients' pressing needs. We have expanded the range of disciplines involved in our research and held to the premise that our discoveries must work on multiple levels. By that we mean not only clinically effective but be easily accessible and easy to use.

We want to be able to demonstrate how we've made an impact on barriers to better care. By refining the management of cancer we want to show measurable changes in outcomes for patients.

"Patients want to know their opinions are valued and that their pressing needs will be attended to."
Professor Parry Guilford

Complexity of cancer

The biggest challenge is the complexity of cancer. It is a dynamic, evolving disease.

"It's a bit like trying to play cards against an opponent who has the whole deck. It is very complex but we are making progress."
Professor Parry Guilford

Clinical contact with patients paramount

Our Advisory Board includes the disciplines of cancer biology, oncology, cancer surgery and pathology. Clinicians' role at the coal face is essential for identifying needs.

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