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Immune cells can help or destroy cancer cells

Tumours generate immune responses and often contain large numbers of infiltrating immune cells.   The complex nature of the immune response means that these cells can either help to destroy tumour cells or can actually support the growth of tumour cells through inflammation.

Can we manipulate the immune cells?

Our research investigates the balance of the immune response within the tumour of colorectal cancer patients and answer two key questions:

  • How do different immune cells function within the tumour environment?
  • Can we manipulate these cells to switch them from pro-tumour to anti-tumour?

We also test the mechanisms used by the tumour itself to regulate the balance of pro- and anti-tumour immune responses.

Ultimately, this information should be able to help predict disease outcome in colorectal cancer patients, and contribute to an individual's choice of therapy.


Immune infiltrate in CRC



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