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Our postgraduate Dental Technology qualifications are suitable for Dental Technology graduates, from New Zealand or overseas, who seek to expand their skillset and/or pursue a career in research.

The following postgraduate Dental Technology programmes are all taught in Dunedin.

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology (PGDipCDTech)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology (PGDipCDTech) is for registered dental technicians. It is a one-year full-time programme which includes formal education, training, and clinical practice. Teaching occurs at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Student numbers are limited each year. Student selection is based on the grades obtained in your earlier Dental Technology studies.

Completion of this course allows to you register as a Clinical Dental Technician, with the Dental Council.

Master of Dental Technology (MDentTech)

The Master of Dental Technology (MDentTech) programme usually requires two years' full-time study (or the equivalent in part-time study). It consists of three 500-level papers plus a thesis.

If you have already completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Technology (PGDipDentTech), then you can study by thesis only. This programme takes one full-time year.


PhD study at the Faculty of Dentistry may be undertaken either full- or part-time, in any of our three departments.

The duration of the course of advanced study and research under supervision is at least two-and-a-half years for full-time candidates, and at least four years for part-time candidates.

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