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A big problem for us and our health system

Approximately one-third of children and two-thirds of adults in New Zealand are overweight or obese.

Being too heavy increases the chances of poor health now – like obese children being bullied more or increased joint problems in adults.

However, of more concern, is the future impact on New Zealand's health system. We are expecting a huge increase in the number of people with diabetes and cardiovascular complications because of excess weight.

Making sustainable and effective healthy changes

A major focus of our research is how best to assist individuals, families, schools and communities to make sustainable and effective healthy changes.

Our interventions are testing:

  • How a lifestyle intervention can improve the nutritional status and body composition of people living with IBD
    The IBDlife Study
  • How the use of electronic media before and in-bed affects sleep in children
    The BED Study
  • How to encourage play within schools that promotes risk and challenge in a safe and appropriate manner
    Play study
    Free play at school Professor Rachael Taylor interviewed on Radio New Zealand National

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