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What does Disability Information & Support do?

As well as providing students with support, advice, advocacy and information, Disability Information & Support provides a number of specific resources and services.

Who can receive support from Disability Information & Support?

Disability Information & Support provides support to students who have a disability, impairment, medical condition or injury that affects their study for a period of four weeks or more.

Disability Information & Support recognises that students with depression and other mental health conditions, specific learning difficulties, medical conditions, temporary injuries, visual, hearing, and mobility disabilities, as well as those who are Deaf, may require additional resources or assistance while studying.

How do I get support?

To use Disability Information & Support services, students should make an appointment to see a Student Advisor who will discuss their requirements with them and, if required, organise a support plan.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Bring any supporting documentation you may have, such as medical certificates, discharge certificates or assessments etc.

Can I bring a family member or support person when I visit Disability Information & Support?

Yes, they are most welcome. Please advise the office when making an appointment.

Who finds out I have used the services provided by Disability Information & Support?

All information supplied to Disability Information & Support is confidential and not available to any other university department or staff, except with your approval. This information is not recorded on your university record or marked on your qualification.

Does my academic record mention the fact that I have used services provided by Disability Information & Support?

No.  This information is not recorded on your university record or marked on your qualification.

What do I need to know about the Computer Areas on campus?

How do I go about getting assistance for my exams?

Why am I asked if I have a disability on my application to enrol?

When enrolling at the university, you will be asked to identify if you have a disability and, if you do, whether your disability affects your study. We encourage you to complete this section as this information is used by Disability Information & Support to generate a mailing list to keep you informed of issues and events that may be of interest. It will also be used to compile statistical data, for example for reporting to the Ministry of Education on the university's progress in relation to equity targets.

This information should be provided annually as the information is not carried over from one year to another



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