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Contact Details

+64 3 479 7169
Research Fellow
Department of Pathology (Dunedin)
Research summary
p53 isoforms, cancer and drug resistance
CRISPR Hub co-convenor


I have a background in molecular biology and genetics, with twenty years of research experience. My initial research involved the genetics of complex diseases, with a focus on RA and gout. Most recently I have been using CRISPR / Cas9 and Nanopore technology to study genes involved in cancer development and the development of drug resistance.

Additional details

I have a strong interest in the ethical and legal issues surrounding new technologies and, in addition to my PhD in Biochemistry I also hold a Master’s degree in Bioethics and Health Law. Outside of my professional roles I am a member of the Council of the Friends of the Otago Museum, and a book reviewer for the ODT and Landfall on line.


McKinney, C. (2021). Mental capacity in anorexia nervosa. In P. Westmorland (Ed.), Tipping the scales: Ethical and legal dilemmas in managing severe eating disorders. (pp. 55-74). Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association. Chapter in Book - Research

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Ray, S., McKinney, C., Roth, L., Heinzel, S., Hodgkin, P., Mehta, S., Slatter, T. L., & Braithwaite, A. W. (2018, August). p53 does not cause growth arrest or death in normal B cells but only affects division rate. Poster session presented at the Queenstown Molecular Biology (QMB) Meetings, Queenstown, New Zealand. Conference Contribution - Poster Presentation (not in published proceedings)

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