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Obreniokibo thumbnail

10 Dec 2023

Grateful for fond memories, lasting relationships

It may not have been completely smoothly sailing for Obreniokibo Ibifubara Amies...

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25 Oct 2023

Strong public support for alcohol policy action

There is considerable support from New Zealanders for government to take policy...

Close up of Clocktower clock angled from below.

04 Aug 2023

Multiple symptoms in veterans could indicate PTSD – study

A pattern of symptoms in veterans has emerged in a University of Otago study tha...

Stock photograph of two people's hands reaching towards each other against a white background

02 Aug 2023

Continuity of care needed from the ‘front of the pathway’ to the back

After undergoing cancer treatment, many survivors deal with a range of psycho-so...

Image of Television and remote control

25 Jul 2023

Link found between childhood television watching and adulthood metabolic syndrome

A University of Otago study has added weight to the evidence that watching too m...

Rural landscape featuring rolling dry grassy hills with trees and blue sky image

12 Jul 2023

Rural residents die at higher rates than those in urban centres – study

People living in rural areas of Aotearoa die at higher rates than those living i...

Dunedin campus aerial

07 Jul 2023

Study shows extent of health inequities

The first study to use Māori-specific data from a nationwide health-related qual...

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04 Jul 2023

HRC grants $51 million to Otago researchers

Otago researchers have received a significant $51 million funding boost from the...

09 May 2023

HIV statistics encouraging, but work not over yet

The number of people diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand last year is encouraging,...

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04 May 2023

Māori public health competencies developed

These competencies for public health teaching institutions have been developed w...

10 Mar 2023

10 March 2023 Aotearoa’s work-related deaths – the real cost

Work contributes to at least a quarter of all fatal injuries in New Zealand – su...

07 Dec 2022

Postpartum diabetes testing low for women with gestational diabetes

Women with gestational diabetes are seven times more likely to develop type 2 di...

30 Nov 2022

Wednesday 30 November 2022, Excessive television viewing in childhood is a risk factor for later smoking and gambling disorders

Excessive television viewing as a child can lead to a higher risk of tobacco use...

27 Sep 2022


Upcoming events at the Dunedin School of Medicine's Department of Preventive and...

Sue Crengle 2022 thumbnail

09 Sep 2022

Professor Sue Crengle receives Te ORA award

The Te ORA (Māori Medical Practitioners Association) gathered for their awards’...

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