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Professor Barbara Galland (Group leader)

Barbara Galland 186x279Professor Barbara Galland heads the Paediatric Sleep Research Group. Her research interests include studying the effects of sleep and breathing disorders in children and adolescents on behaviour, cognition, and academic performance. She also has an interest in the role sleep plays in overweight and obesity, sleep-related disturbances in children with type 1 diabetes, and the biological mechanisms underpinning Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy ( SUDI ).

Current projects

Key people

Postgraduate students

Professor Galland's students have often received prestigious Freemasons Fellowships or Dunbar Scholarships while undertaking their study. These scholarships have allowed them flexibility in their research and personal lives.

  • Lauren Miller PhD
  • Mona Elbalshy PhD
  • Silke Morrison PhD, Department of Medicine
  • Rosalie Jackson PhD, Department of Medicine
  • Bradley Brosnan PhD, Department of Medicine
  • Taiwo Adebowale PhD, Department of Medicine
  • Leigh Sanson BSc (Hons), Department of Psychology

Learn more about the scholarships available to postgraduate students in the Department of Women's and Children's Health

Past studies

  • Sleep disordered breathing and academic performance
  • Targeting Obesity Through Sleep (TOTs)
  • Teenage sleep and screens


Professor Galland is involved in collaborative research with many other people and groups in the University of Otago. Some of these collaborations are listed below.


Read about Professor Galland's past students, some of whom have gone on to do amazing things in New Zealand and around the world.

  • Katie Appleyard PhD
  • Sally Baddock PhD
  • Jessie Bennison MSc
  • Grace Macaulay (nee Boston) BMedSc(Hons)
  • Alice Cox MDiet
  • Amelia GillPhD
  • Liam Guthrie BSc(Hons) (Neuroscience)
  • Rebecca Harding PhD
  • Ghassan Idris PhD
  • Ghassan Idris DClinDent student, Dentistry
  • Rebekah LuoPhD
  • Sarah MaessenPhD
  • Amanda Mulock PGDipHealSc
  • Mai Phetcharoaen MDiet
  • Abby Rhodes BSc(Hons) (Neuroscience)
  • Rachel Sayers MHealSc
  • Laurelle SmithPhD
  • Ryan Sixtus MPhysEd
  • Evan Tan PhD

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