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The Ecology Degree Programme is an interdepartmental programme within the Division of Science. Staff from several departments (in particular Botany, Marine Science and Zoology) teach in the Ecology Degree Programme, and a Degree in Ecology complements studies in a range of subjects currently offered at the University of Otago including Environmental Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Wildlife Management, Surveying, Geology and Geography. The degree programmes are overseen by the Ecology Board of Studies and the Director of the Ecology Degree.

The Ecology Degree Programme at the University of Otago is unique as all undergraduate students are immersed in research from day one. Through lectures, tutorials, field trips, and indoor and outdoor-based laboratories, our students are trained as researchers throughout their Ecology Degree. As a result, we produce graduates with the background and training to make significant contributions to the broad range of ecological challenges facing today's world.

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