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The Department of Economics at Otago seeks to answer important questions about how people, industries, and countries can maximise their productivity, create wealth, and maintain financial stability. We are always keen to share our research findings, and our passion for Economics, with our students.

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Our teaching

Economics at Otago offers a wide range of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our teaching is research-based, and we encourage all our students to participate in lectures and tutorials – in fact, in some areas active student participation is compulsory!

A fresh perspective…

We will teach you some great Economic theories – and, with some effort on your part, send you off with a world-class degree. But, that's not all we offer. Economics at Otago will also teach you a way of thinking that provides a fresh, Economics perspective on the issues in the world today.

Your future in Economics

With your degree in hand, and your newfound understanding of the world around you, you will be well equipped for work in a diverse range of roles – from Accounting firms to hospital administration. You may even want to become an economist!

We are an approachable department

We are friendly and approachable, so please come and see us. We operate an 'open door' policy with undergraduate students, and do our best to make all our postgraduate students feel included in the Department.

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